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Boys Coaches 2018-19

4th Grade- Chad Lynch

5th Grade- Adam Bogart (Gold) & Jerard Rabb (Purple)

6th Grade- Andy Wheat (Gold) & Derek Lawson (Purple)

7th Grade- Corey Gibb (Gold) & Jay DeNoma (Purple)

8th Grade- Alex Iverson (Gold) & Dru Hoskins (Purple)

Girls Coaches 2018-19

5th Grade- Lisa Strom

6th Grade- Philip Powers

7th Grade- Eddie McFerrin

8th Grade- Tom Tri

Lake Stevens Basketball Club

The Lake Stevens Basketball Club is a non-profit select club for kids in grades 4th through 8th for boys and girls within the Lake Stevens School District boundaries. Our goal is to prepare kids to be competitive and to learn fundamental basketball skills to help prepare them for the Lake Stevens School District teams without the high cost of private clubs. We are a part of the Lake Stevens Junior Athletic Association along with Football, Soccer and the Cheer programs. Baseball and Softball are through the Little League. As a 503(c) we are an educational program, not a competitive sports club.


Corey Gibb


Phone: 360-631-1012

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