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Season info!

Welcome to the Lake Stevens Basketball Club's home page. Please check out our website on a regular basis to get caught up with all the Lake Stevens Basketball Club activities.



If you're interested in coaching high level youth basketball for LSBC this upcoming basketball season, please click the link below and get registered.  We'll be conducting interviews throughout the month of August and would love for you to join our team!!




Lake Stevens Basketball Club

The Lake Stevens Basketball Club is a non-profit feeder club for kids in grades 4th through 8th for boys and girls within the Lake Stevens School District boundaries. Our goal is to prepare kids to be competitive and to learn fundamental basketball skills to help prepare them for the Lake Stevens School District teams without the high cost of private clubs. 

Below is a list of commonly asked general questions about our club.


ANSWER: We're a select/ feeder youth basketball program located in Lake Stevens, Washington. We're comprised of boy's teams ranging from 4th grade through 8th grade and girl's teams ranging from 4th grade through 8th grade.

QUESTION: Is there tryouts?

ANSWER: Yes, tryouts will be hosted for each age group. At tryouts the coaches will evaluate each player's skill level as they go through various drills and game like situations. At the end of tryouts, a select group of players will be taken for that team.

QUESTION: When does the Season Start?

ANSWER: Tryout dates are TBD but typically occur in late September or early October.

QUESTION: What is the fee to join the club and how much can we expect to pay throughout the season?

ANSWER: The initial cost varies based on various factors each year. In the past, the registration fee has been +/- $350.00, which covers the cost of joining a team, league fees, and upwards of two tournament registration fees per season. Additional costs may include uniforms ($100-$120), pictures, additional tournament registration fees, potential travel expenses and miscellaneous basketball related items (shoes, basketball, etc.). Please note: Individual registration fees may vary each year but will be posted prior to tryouts. Teams have the opportunity to fundraise throughout the season to help with additional costs as well. 

QUESTION: What is the commitment level?

ANSWER: Our basketball season runs from October through March. Throughout this time period, each team will typically have two, 1-1/2-hour practice sessions during the week at gyms located in the Lake Stevens area. League games will start either late November or early December with a standard 2 game per weekend schedule. We also encourage each team to participate in tournaments, which are in addition to our regular season games. Each team can enter tournaments at the discretion of the coaching staff. 

We at LSBC encourage all youth athletes to play as many sports as possible, as often as possible. We understand that the beginning of the basketball season overlaps with the end of other sports seasons and will excuse players' absences if the two sports conflict with each other. BUT…once those sports seasons end, basketball must become the priority. It is the expectation of the club that each player who commits to a team will be present at each practice and game that is scheduled, regardless of other sports which the player may be involved with. Exceptions dealing with religion, school commitments or family/ health matters are always understood. 

QUESTION: Who can play for LSBC?

ANSWER: If you live within the Lake Stevens School District boundaries, you are eligible to play for our club. There are exceptions, primarily being if you live in a school district that does not offer a select/ feeder program. School district verification is required.

 As a 503(c) we are an educational program, and not defined as a "competitive" sports club.  


Josh O'Connor


Phone: 425-478-5112