Lake Stevens Basketball Club

Congratulations to the following LSBC players who achieved a 3.0 GPA or higher during the first semester of the school year.

Parker G - 6th
Cam Johnson - 6th
Jared H - 6th
Jesse L - 6th
Jaxson L - 6th
Trey N - 6th
Anthony L - 6th
Talan H - 6th
Brycen C - 6th
Mekhi H - 6th
Madelyn A- 7th
Chloe P - 8th
Jake J - 7th
Micah A - 7th
Joseph M - 7th
Ava H - 6th
Ramon C - 6th
Joshua D - 7th
Josiah D - 7th
Melanie D - 8th
Kye T - 8th
Tyler C - 8th
Seth M - 7th
Max H - 7th
Easton G - 7th
Jayden L - 7th
Jashon L - received the seat of honor award at Hillcrest, 5th grade ASB rep
Kaden C - 8th
Lucien S - 8th
Coby G - 8th
Chase I- 6th
Mia I - 4th
Elena S- 6th
Skyler S - 4th
Josie W- 6th
Cori W - 8th
Cole B - 7th
Cohen C-7th

Zoe H-